Anabela’s POV

I watched as Nikki finally finished her breakfast. I hadn’t been hungry so I’d settled for a glass of orange juice.

 “Mmm lovely!” Nickie said and laughed. Since my fridge was pretty low on food, the only breakfast she could get was Lucky Charms.

 “Perfectly cooked, with a small taste of lemon if I’m not mistaken?” she glanced at me with a smirk on her lips. Playfully, I hit her arm.

 “Oh shut up..” but I couldn’t hide a little smile. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

 “Looks like I’m well popular today!” I said, looking surprised at Nikki. She shook her shoulders and turned on the tv. Spongebob Squarepants was on. Reluctantly I left the living room and as I did, the doorbell rang again.

 “I’m coming!!” I yelled, entering the hallway. I opened the door, curious to see who it was. And I sure got surprised.

 “Anthony?” I was speechless. There he was, more beautiful than ever, in my flat. Looking at me with his amazing brown eyes. His hair was a little messy, but it was nothing compared to me. He looked sexy messy I was… Oh god, I looked like a dead cat or something. We just stood there, looking at eachother. Me in surprise, he in… Well probably the same.

 “Anabela I’m… I, uhm.. I’d like to say.. To tell you that…” his cheeks were red and his hands fumbling behind his back. He looked so cute! Was he nervous? To talk to me? Me?!

 “Uhm, how do you know where I live?” I asked him.

 “Erhm, the.. The phonebook, I looked in that.” Awkward silence followed.

 “Anabela, listen. I’m really sorry okay? I should never have called you yesterday. I was too drunk to behave when you came and I couldn’t control myself! I know I’m not supposed to drink that much but.. Let’s just say I’ve been going through some stuff. You deserve better, and I understand if you’ll never see me again. But is there any chance you could forgive me?” his eyes were placed on me, filled with seriousness, but at the same time, begging. I glanced towards the living room where Nikki sat, unknowing of what Anthony had just said. I looked back at Anthony who was patiently waiting for an answer. I licked my lips and took a deep breath.

 “How could I not forgive you after that apology?” a smile grew on his face and he looked at me in surprise.


 “Yes, really.” I laughed at his cuteness. He stepped into the apartment, took me in his arms and pulled me in for a hug. I could feel his hot breath on my neck, one of his hands placed in my hair, another on my waist. I had my arms around his neck, resting my head on his shoulder. I felt every inch of his body against mine. His heartbeat against my chest, mine against his, two hearts beating as one. My head fitted perfectly in the curve of his neck. I breathed in his scent. I felt safe in his arms. And just as I stood there, enjoying our closeness, Anthony pulled away. His hands were still on my waist, mine still wrapped around his neck. I looked into his eyes, got lost in them. My eyes then wandered down to his perfect pink lips and thoughts started to fly. I thought about the night before where those beautiful lips had been just inches apart from mine. Slowly getting closer, closer to me. I woke up from my trance and looked Anthony in the eyes again, just to discover that he was looking at my lips as well. He came out of dreamworld and looked back into my eyes. I then realised how close our faces were. My heart started racing. I slowly removed one of my hands from his neck, placing it on his chest. His heart beat was like mine, extremely fast. I felt Anthony’s hand on my cheek, his thumb stroking my chekbones. He licked his lips, the nervous look got replaced with a little smirk. He gently pulled my head closer to his. Hesitating for a split second, and then his lips came crashing down on mine. It was nothing like I had ever imagined, it was way better. His lips moved in perfect synch with mine. The kiss was soft, innocent but still filled with such passion and desire. Sparks were flying, it was like fireworks exploded inside my head. I couldn’t think, only feel. I let my heart take the lead. Switched off my brain. My body took over, lust filling every inch of it. His tounge stroked my bottom lip, searching for entrance. I slowly opened my mouth and let him in. Our tounges playing with each other and the kiss still getting deeper and more intimate. I coulde feel his hand rubbing up and down my back. I led my hand up his shirt, rested it on his bare chest. He pushed my up the wall, more rough but still gently and careful. I moaned in his mouth. I wanted him. I removed my hand from his chest and ran it through his hair. Breaths getting heavy. I started bucking my hips against his, making him groan. Suddenly I heard a cough from across the room. I broke the kiss and looked over Anthony’s shoulder.

 “Ahem!” Nikki looked at me with a disapproving look. Anthony quickly turned around. We just stood there, looking at each other. Anthony and I were out of breath, our faces deep red. Nikki was disappointed in me, I knew it. I was just about to say something when Anthony took a step forward. He ran his hand through his hair and cleared his throat.

 “Uhm, hello. I’m Anthony.” He reached out his hand, waiting for her to take it. With a cool look, Nikki shook his hand.

 “Nikki.” She looked directly in his eyes, not letting go. Anthony glanced at me, confused.

 “Well erhm.. I should get going. I’ll call you Anabela!” he let go of Nikki’s hand, taking a step towards the door. But he never reached it, cause Nikki’s voice stopped him.

 “No, please stay. We were just about to get lunch.” Oh no. What was she up to now?

 “Not to be rude, but I’m not hungry. I just had lunch.” Unfortunately, in that second, his stomach decided to make a sound like a dying whale. Nikki raised an eyebrow.

 “Doesn’t sound like that.” I had to help him. Nikki was acting like my mum.

 “But Nikki. We just had breakfast.” She shook her shoulders and turned around.

 “So? I’m still hungry.” And then she disappeared into the kitchen. I gave Anthony an apologizing look and then we both followed her to my kitchen, our hands stroking each other when we walked through the door…

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